Can we download specs and drawings?

No, because we don't believe that "one size fits all" especially in our business. We want to talk to you about your project - weight, wind, ADA re-using materials etc. There's too much at stake.

Do you offer other products like membranes or insulation?

We work closely with major suppliers and can, on certain ocassions, offer system warranties. Call for details.

How do your products support sustainability?

We have products that are made from recycled rubber, products that are reusable and products that earn LEEDs points. Read more about our Green initiatives here.

Do you have lightweight products?

It's our specialty! We partner with suppliers of many different lightweight decking materials.

Do you have local distributors?


What about references?

We have many, mostly architects, roof consultants, contractors and owners. We'll be glad to provide you with them on request.

Do you only deal with flat roofs?


Do you have FM, UL and wind testing?

Yes, call for details.