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Jonathan Klein, President of Plaza Concepts, Inc, is the son of Paul Klein of RMCI. Paul Klein, along with his partner Bob Applebaum, was an early pioneer of the Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly, and a fixture in the New York City Area architectural community. Jonathan, the second generation in the field of Division 7 Construction Products, continues to build  on the combined  70 years experience, Plaza Concepts, Inc. (est. 2006) like RMCI (est. 1978) before it, is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing recreational roofing and plaza products that are based on time proven design methods and materials. 

With a solid background in roofing, waterproofing, insulation and restoration, Jonathan and Peter Corsi, his Technical Department Head, (who has 35 years of experience inspecting, designing and consulting), bring valuable insight into the overall assembly, which often proves critical in the selection of appropriate pedestrian surfaces, the specialty of Plaza Concepts. 

Having spent many years as an independent manufacturers' representative, and several years in  actual "hands on" construction, Jonathan, like his father, witnessed a 30-year on-going process of manufacturers improving their products. Jonathan explains, "The products that we bring to market are the result of many years of seeing what works best. We also pride ourselves in monitoring old projects as well as watching for technological advances from other parts of the globe. I'm proud to say that I know of no unhappy customers. We have never been sued… never even had a complaint lodged against us." 

The principles of Plaza Concepts have been involved in thousands of projects throughout the US and Canada, including iconic landmarks such as The World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, AOL Time Warner Building, Jacob Javits Convention Center, Canadian Human Rights Museum, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and others.

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Maria Cora
Marketing Director

Plaza Concepts, Inc.