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The TextureTile™ (patent pending) interlocking rubber tile system is a lightweight and innovative alternative to traditional pavers and other landscaping and surfacing options. TextureTile™ combines a wide selection of natural aggregate, synthetic aggregate, EPDM or pulastic top wear surfaces with a supple rubber base that is engineered to provide a durable, flexible and resilient surface for all kinds of indoor and outdoor recreational applications. Made from recycled materials, the loose-laid, environmentally friendly TextureTile is also ideal for use in green projects and in some cases, is LEED certified. A special, heavier TextureTile RT10 is available for high wind conditions. Attractive recreational areas can be easily created on grade or on plazas, roofs balconies and terraces at a relatively low cost and low weight as compared with typical masonry installations. TextureTile protects the waterproof membrane yet facilitates easy access for repair.


Typical substrates include slip sheets, geotech fabric, protection
board, high-density extruded polystyrene and concrete pavers. We invite you to discuss leveling procedures with our Tech Department.


Certainly, no product can completely eliminate injuries. Industry standard safety guidelines, such as those developed by The National Program for Playground Safety, The Consumer Products Safety Commission, the ADA, FM and UL, as well as those of other industry and local authorities may prove useful. Consideration should be given to the physical pressures, including wind, that will affect the installation. Like all structures, pedestrian decks are dynamic and may require consultation with technical experts during design. Workmanship will also prove critical to long-term performance. Consult Plaza Concepts about wind issues, parapet wall and building heights. Read more about pavers and wind at www.RCI-Mercury.com. The utility grade TextureTile UT1 (rubber wear surface) is also available at a lower cost and may prove suitable for applications where aesthetics are a lesser concern. UL Class A fire-resistant products are also available.


Plazas, roofs, terraces, balconies, decks, patios, walkways


Quartz, exposed aggregate, pulastic, rubber, custom


Please contact Plaza Concepts


Adhesive, transitional ramps (ADA), slip sheets, pulastic reconditioner


Dimensions (78°F.) 1 7/8" x 24 "x 24" (+ or – 1/8") 2 7/8" x 24" x 24" (higher density) Weight: Approx. 6-10 lbs./ft2 (product line range)Flammability-Burning Pill Test ASTM D2859 PassFlammability-Roof Covering ASTM E108 Class A (Prem.)


IMPORTANT Wind issues should be discussed with our Tech Department or experts like roof consultants and engineers. Installation should also be in accordance with the most recent instructions of the insulation and membrane suppliers, and in compliance with typical industry standards like those of the NRCA, SPRI, RCI, etc., as well as applicable building code requirements. Instruments like transits, chalk lines, water and laser levels can help establish reference points. Please consult our Tech Department for assistance with customized markings and design options.


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Limited 5 year warranty standard. Extended warranties available. Call for details. Neither PCI nor our agents make any claim that our products are fit for any particular job or use, which is the decision of the designer, in accordance with our specs.


Contact Plaza Concepts or our local Representative

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